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Sunday 6 January 2019

Thought For The Day

    The Prisoner stays with you doesn’t it, well it’s definitely stayed in my……….. well in my mind. But it hasn’t remained with everyone, I suppose they learn to let it go and move on to other new and more attractive fields. What that says for the rest of us I don’t know, perhaps we’re a bunch of weak minded so and so’s who should know better by now. And yet it’s good to have a hobby, an interest, something which fills one’s spare time. Now the Prisoner fills all my time, and has done for years, but especially the last few days of 2018. And now even more so, I’ve got a few things simmering away on the back burner regarding the Prisoner which are in need of my attention. The 20th anniversary of ‘the Prisoner Village Day’ for one, a special feature about the film is required, and the same for the 10th anniversary of THEPRIS6NER. The Tally Ho requires my ever undivided attention, and then there’s......well best get on, where’s that confounded tea?

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