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Thursday 10 January 2019


   Information is a valuable commodity, but that’s all it is, a commodity, and yet it was the Prisoner’s future. Well it would have been had those behind the Village not got to him first. He was going away, but it was no means certain that he was going to Paris as suggested in ‘A B and C.’ Had Number 2 of that episode reviewed the surveillance footage when ZM73 was deciding where to go for a holiday. He first thought of Ireland, no a bit too cold that time of year. Paris?....Maybe not. Maybe he thought that if he went on holiday to Paris he would end up at one of Engadines’s celebrated parties. Then he might well meet up with old friends and ex-colleagues, perhaps the last thing he wanted would be that. See what happened in ‘A B and C’ when he did. So, either Number 2 got it wrong, or the computer got it wrong. Number 6 wasn’t selling out, he wasn’t even planning on going to Paris. Just because he regularly attended Madame Engadine’s celebrated parties that was good enough. But the man had resigned, and ‘A B and C’ turned out to be a complete waste of time!

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