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Monday 22 July 2019

2 Times 6 Equals 12!

    Two times 6 equals 12, and two times 12 equals 24, and 24 equals Alison, numbers are all relative you see. We have a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Number 6, and even more so after a makeover. A man by the name of Curtis who was seconded back to The Village, seconded back to The Village, it makes one wonder why and when he was previously in The Village. Perhaps he was a former Prisoner who like Cobb was seconded back to The Village because they had a mission for him involving Number 6! And Alison, she appeared to have a genuine mental link with Number 6, just how and when was this mental link made apparent? Was Alison planted on Number 6 on the instruction of Number 2. She might have been, but one thing Number 2 could not have done, was to fake that mental link. Perhaps it was after this mental rapport between Alison and Number 6 was first demonstrated that he then assigned Alison to Number 6. But when exactly was that, and why should he want to help her? Some things in ‘the Prisoner’ will forever remain a complete mystery! But then that’s what helps make the Prisoner the Prisoner, wouldn’t you say?

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