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Monday 8 July 2019

Village Life!

    “What’s up with you this morning?”
    “Nothing, why do you ask?”
    “Well let’s just say you’re not your usual cheery self.”
    “I was never that, not since I woke up in this place.”
    “What the village, it’s not so bad really.”
    “Not so bad!”
    “Well what I mean is I can think of worse places to be.”
    “Go on then, name one.”
    “Eh……..well there’s Wormwood Scrubs,
Alcatraz, Sing Sing.”
    “In those places you know where you stand, warder or prisoner. But they bring you here and expect you to carry on the good work. They turned me and you into Top Hat officials of administration. More then that, its us who now go out into the world and abduct people. Well next time I’m sent on a special assignment I’m going to do it.”
    “Do what?”
    “Not come back!”
    “You mean escape?”
    “Yes. I bet no-one’s tried that before!”
    “You mustn’t say things like that.”
    “Why not?”
    “Well you never know who might be listening.”
    “Like who?”
    “At the very least, Observers.”
    “They won’t take any notice of me.”
    “I’m a jammer!”
    “But I’m not, I’m an undercover and the game’s up!”
    “Damn and blast it!”

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