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Thursday 18 July 2019

The Therapy Zone

    I suppose one of the doctors would have carried out a psychological assessment of Number 6, well they could hardly have him wandering about the village shouting his head off about the desert and another village! Well there he was you see, our friend Number 6, well not so much of a friend because I don’t really know him. But nevertheless, there he is going about his daily business of pocking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted, countering the machinations of Number 2 against the village. Causing trouble, and generally not doing anything to benefit either the village or its community, and that’s when he wasn’t coming up with different ideas and schemes to try and escape!
   Then one day he wakes up and things are not as they might be, but there’s a familiarity about his cottage, and yet there’s a difference. And his piped jacket……since when was he 93? * Would Number 2 necessarily know what the old man would be raving about? As for the village, well how did he get there, this village in the middle of a vast desert? An old man he might be, but there must be a way out. Its no wonder 93 turned to drink, and in that was his mistake. A drunken old man who goes about shouting of another place, another village and before that…..
London. But Two told him there is no London, only the village. More than that, there’s nowhere to escape to, because there’s nothing to escape from!
    But that didn’t stop the old man from repeatedly trying to escape, then one day when being pursued by guardians in the desert and the mountains beyond, 93 found himself in a cave. There was a young man who told him he wasn’t from the village, that he didn’t know where he was or how the came to be there. 93 saw the man as a bloody miracle, and to tell 554 that he found a way out………….be seeing you.
    The old man died in that cave, and the man buried him in the desert by an old dead tree. Imagine then, Number 6 waking up in the village and storming, well perhaps not storming not at his age, into Number 2’s office demanding to know what has been going on? Telling him, or anyone in the village about the other place, the other village in the desert, that he had been there. They would think he had gone completely tonto, and before Number 6 knew where he was he’d be in the hospital undergoing a number of psychiatric tests!
    But how came the former Number 6 to the village in the desert as 93 in the first place? Generally its people who live in
New York who find themselves waking up in the village, or having arrived there by bus. People who have psychological problems, mental problems, who are sent to the village to be made better people so they can be released back into society. But Number 6 is the odd man out, he’s already in the village. The question is how is the company of Summakor able to bring Number 6 from the village situated on an estuary in Portugal, to the village in the desert? Its difficult to get one’s head around that, because although the village out in the desert has the feel of the 1950’s about it, there are certain aspects which place it firmly in the 21st century. This is confirmed by scenes taking place outside the village in New York City. So it’s possible for the former Number 6 to have been taken there, for whatever reason, but he would have to have been in his late 80’s or early 90’s.
    When people die in the village, they usually die in the outside world. Like Lucy, as 45 when she threw herself into one of those dark holes, her other self, Lucy, was dead in a gas explosion in
New York when Michael’s flat exploded. So when 93 died in that cave, did Number 6 die in the other village at the same time? And why was he sent to the other village, the one in the desert in the first place? To see if 2 could extract the reason behind his resignation, surely they were well past that after all these decades. Besides 2 never once asked 6 why he resigned from summakor! That leaves Number 6 with psychological problems, to be sent to the village to be made better.
    *the old man 93 is a representation of the former Number 6.

Be seeing you

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