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Friday 12 July 2019

If I Am 1 You Must Be 1 Two!

    1 and 6 different sides of the same coin, the tormentor and the tormented, no one any better or worse than the other. Number 6 made a prisoner of himself because he chucked in his job, and Number 1 didn’t want him to and there’s the conflict, the anguish pattern. And in the mind the Village is created, he has made his own prison, and there’s no escaping that. Each and every day he has to live with the fact that he resigned from a perfectly good job, and his conscience will not let him live with it and it is that which Number 6 wrestled with each and every day. We all want to be Number 1, but not Number 6, he rejected the Village. He wanted out, but there is no out, there is only in. Number 6 isn’t the problem, he’s the solution seeing as they want to carry out something of a coup in order to replace Number 1 with Number 6! That would suggest to me that they have had enough of this Number 1, but have no idea of 1’s identity. It would have been a dangerous move. Because Number 6 as Number 1 would have carried out the plan he tried in ‘Free For Fall,’ an organized mass breakout of the village, which he indirectly caused in ‘Fall Out.’

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