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Wednesday 24 July 2019

60 Seconds With No.22

     Do you know what, you are the day time Supervisor, I wonder where Number 28 is, he has been the day time Supervisor until now. You are the first female Supervisor. So what’s happened to Number 28? Perhaps he’s on the annual democratic outing; sorry that was rather flippant of me. Or he may be away on leave, or perhaps he simply didn’t fit in with this episode. That they conjured you up simply to give the episode a more female orientation, is that it? Mind you that doesn’t take into consideration the good doctor Number 40, or the male night time supervisor. If they really wanted to make ‘Dance of the Dead’ female orientated, then they should have made them women. The doctor Number 23 in ‘Checkmate’ for example, she would have dovetailed quite nicely into ‘Dance of The Dead,’ after all there is little to chose between the two, professionally speaking that is. 
    Anyway, you’re a stern one, telling Number 240 of Number 34’s death like that, and that although No.240 was getting to know 34 quite well, he didn’t know her! Cold and unfeeling, that’s you. Oh yes, observers of life should never get involved, I expect you were jealous, of the working relationship between Number 2 and 240? If I didn’t know better, I would say Number 240 was Number 2’s assistant, wouldn’t you?
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