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Sunday 14 July 2019

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    “Yes I’m looking at his file now…….telephone sir? I’m on red, he could prove to be difficult…….but I do have a plan. Yes I bicycled to work this morning, I saw my predecessor taking the Prisoner to the Labour Exchange……..well perhaps finding him employment would help him to adjust. I’ve been reading his file. I see he built a Lotus kit car with his own hands. It states that he knows every nut, bolt and cog, so I think we should find him employment in the motor pool as a mechanic maintaining the fleet of Mini-Mokes…………Yes I read he can fly a helicopter……that would make him ideal for the task, the test has been timed for later this afternoon………well it is a risk using Number Six as a guinea pig, but what have we got to lose? All I have to do is make sure Number Nine gives him the Electro Pass………..and Number Six can unwittingly take it from there!”

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