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Saturday 20 July 2019

In The Therapy Zone!

    “Why am I here?”
    “Don’t you know?”
    “Well it’s a cave.”
    “Yes a cave, it’s the Therapy Zone.”
    “What’s that noise?”
    “What’s what noise friend?”
    “That sound like a cross between someone breathing through an aqua lung, Gregorian chant, and a bicycle pump.”
    “Ah, no-one has told you then?”
    “Told me what?”
    “Do we tell him lads?”
    “Look all I know is, I was dragged from my home, forced to wear these overalls, and dumped in this cave, then you three arrived.”
    “He had better put these goggles on.”
    “Oh yes he had better put the goggles on.”
    “Here put these goggles on.”
    “Why, to protect your eyes.”
    {Suddenly the noise became louder and suddenly there is was, this white pulsating membranic thing appeared at the far end of the cave, placed around it were four plastic chairs.}
    “What do we do now?”
    “Sit down of course.”
    “What’s going to happen?”
    “You are to be indoctrinated.”
    “This is the Therapy Zone?”
    “Aren’t we going to get drunk?”
    “Listen to the man, soon you will be intoxicated with such knowledge............”
    “Oh no, it can’t be, but it is, Roveroids travelling on hover discs, a city of Roveroids, the light it’s so strong.....a vision of a world in perpetual light, no dark, no night.......its beautiful, I want to see, show me!”
    “Control yourself, it’s always like this the first time. It will show you, it will show you everything. It will show you its world, a dead world, that’s why they came here, to survive.”
    “In The Village?”
    “Their trajectory was some degrees out, The Village was made their home.
    “And the indoctrination?”
    “It wants you to learn, to implant its memories within us.”
    “To survive through us.”
    “You mean to make us the Roveroids..........oh God nooooooooooo!”
Be seeing you 

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