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Sunday 28 July 2019

Quote For The Day

    “You expect me to believe that” No.2 growled.
    No.14 “But that's what happened. He came over........”
    “And asked if you'd slept well!”
    “Yes Sir.”
    “The waiter said you were whispering.”
    “I wasn't, but he was.”
    “What about?”
    “Well he talked a lot of rubbish. Then he said the waiter was watching us.”
    “Why did Number Six say that?”
    “I don't know Sir.”
    “Don't you. You're working with Number Six!”
    "Me Sir?”
    “And I thought you were the one man I could trust.”
    “But you can. I'm loyal.”
    “Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!”
    Number 2 accused Number 14 of being a traitor, he was anything but. Number 14 was loyal, Number 2 should have put his faith and trusted him more. After all Number 14’s job was supposed to assist Number 2, but he kept his assistant at arms length when it came to the important things. Like keeping that message from D6 to XO4 to himself, and showing him those blank sheets of paper he found in the envelope. Number 14 is merely used for the strong arm stuff. But a few words from Number 6 was enough to put the poison in, and Number 2 chose to believe Number 6, and not his assistant. Number 14 was finished, and decided to take out his vengeance on the cause, that of Number 6. But really Number 14 wasn’t much good at the “strong arm stuff” either. Did Number 14 survive the fall after being thrown out of 6 Private through the French window by Number 6? I like to think so, but he probably died of a broken neck!

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