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Monday 22 July 2019

Village Life!

    “What do you mean what shall I do when I leave this place? Leave this place, I’ve not been in office five minutes!”
    “I only thought……”
    “Well don’t, let me do the thinking. What have you got against Number Six anyway?”.
    “I was the Colonel’s bag man once.”
    “You mean you did the Colonel’s fetching and carrying.”
    “Yes I suppose you could put it like that.”
    “What other way is there to put it?”
    “I watched his back.”
    “You were not watching his back when the Colonel “bought it” at the wicket were you?”
    “You were watching a very shapely pair of legs at the time, when you should have been alert to any danger.”
   “They put me out in the cold!”
   “And you blame that on Number Six?”
   “We had met before, in
Tokyo, I was an official at the British Embassy then. I had to contact him at a record shop. I knew he didn’t like me then, and he looked down on me when I was transferred to the same department as his.”
    “Really Potter, you wanted a transfer from the Labour Exchange, and now you’re my assistant you’re still not happy!”
    “What will you do when you leave here?”
    “Go back to the House of Lords I expect.”
    “Me? I’ll be staying I’m sure of that.”
    “Is that why you are here, because of Number Six?”
    “Well there are methods we haven’t tried yet!”
    “You really don’t like him do you Potter? I don’t want a man of fragments, I want him with a whole heart, body, and soul.”
    “And me?”
    “I think a sideways move for you Potter. You can go and help the Supervisor in the Control Room.”
    “Oh goody.”
    “Life here in the village doesn’t suit you does it Potter?”
    “Does it really suit anyone?”
    “Why did they bring you here I wonder. I bet he doesn’t know you are here.”
    “He shouldn’t be surprised by anyone he meets here!”
    “Shall I arrange for him to meet you?”
    “No, no. I’m on my way to the Control room.”
    “And I’m going to meet a new arrival, whom I’m sure will prove to be an attractive diversion.

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