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Saturday 6 July 2019

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    No.2 “Number 118, why was there no mole on Number 12’s left wrist? I said why was there no mole? Don’t you realize you’ve jeopardized the whole operation. Report to me first thing in the morning, first thing.”

    The telephone bleeps.
    No.2 “Yes?”
    Supervisor-No.106 “Control Room here, negative search results so far. No trace of him yet sir.”
    “Send out a general alarm, orange alert.”

    Strange how this No.2, unlike his predecessors and successors doesn’t use a telephone when he speaks to his subordinates, not even when the Supervisor is speaking to him on the telephone! Instead he communicates with them via the large screen in his office at the touch of a button via a microphone. Obviously there’s the added loudspeaker so that he can be heard, and he can hear them. Likewise actors Colin Gordon and Patrick Cargill are the only actors to use that red curved, over-sized telephone. Anton Rogers is the only actor not to use one of those ‘L’ shaped telephones when called to do so! No.2 in ‘Checkmate’ also communicates with the doctor through a microphone at the press of a button, but he does also use the telephone at times.

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