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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

A Day At The Beach!

    A day at the beach is a wonderful thing, sunshine, sand and a “99” ice cream cone! Oh look there’s No.8 she’s been for a swim, and a group are playing beach ball. And here’s the Admiral with his flag officer, looks very much like they are re-enacting another naval battle. Pity they only have ordinary plastic boats, and not those of battleships. Young women in swimsuits or bikinis lounge about on the rocks, or on rubber air mattresses sunbathing. Other people sit at tables being waited on as drinks are brought to them. It must be a real chore for the waiter to fetch and carry drinks all the way from the Old People’s home! Other citizens are paddling in the water, and the more energetic beach goers are playing beach ball. There’s No.58 what’s that he’s carrying? A basket, perhaps he’s going on a picnic, that’s nice. He’s walking towards that red and white striped bathing tent. He was with No.2 a moment or two ago by the kiosk, I wonder what they were talking about? No.2 looked to be lurking on the beach, half expecting to meet someone, and yet not really dressed for the beach. And there’s No.6, what’s he up to? He’s walking across the beach. I like the way they’ve laid wooden planks out across the gullies of water, so as people don’t get their feet wet! There’s a taxi, probably picking up a fare to take them back to the village. No.6 is heading towards that same bathing tent that No.58 went into, I don’t think he’s going for a swim he’s not carrying any trunks, he might be joining No.58 for a picnic! Oh he’s come out, going back across the beach.
    Oh look there’s No.8 drying herself off, now she’s accosted that No6, look at her flaunting herself. No.6 has sat down on the rocks next to her, they’re talking. Now she’s taking something off, looks like a necklace, no it’s a locket, and she’s given it to No.6. He’s taken it, opened the locket now he’s said something, and he’s walked off keeping the locket! Where’s he going? He’s on the beach now, heading back toward that same bathing tent, he’s gone back inside. Just a minute, there’s an open upside down umbrella floating away in the water, that looks suspicious, someone could be using that to send a message to someone in the outside world. On the other hand perhaps it’s just blown away, there are another three open umbrellas lined up on the sand. Why I’ve no idea why. The message, if there is a message in that umbrella perhaps its being sent to someone along the coast living in that fishing village, I forget its name for the moment. No.8 is paddling in the water now, she looks like she’s lost something, she certainly doesn’t look very happy. Someone has been building sandcastles. There’s No.6 again, he’s buying something at the kiosk….he’s purchased two inflatable rubber air mattresses. What does he want those for? Perhaps more to the point, how did he manage to inflate them and in so short a time? I am reliably informed that the pillow of an inflatable mattress has its own valve, and each other section also has independent air valves. This enables the mattress to be inflated by mouth, so I am informed, but here we have two such mattresses and that would seem to be too much like hard work for No.6. So I expect he stole a foot pump from one of the taxis at the same time he broke an aerial off one! Now he’s rushing off again, wonder where he’s rushing off to now? He’s always on that go that No.6, he can’t seem to relax for more than five minutes! Someone had better tell Control……
    ”You tell Control, after all you’re the Observer!”
    “I’m on my lunch break! Just a minute, see that chap with the beard wearing a red cap.”
    What about him?”
    “Is he wearing a dress?”
    “The trouble with being an Observer you’re never off duty are you. Give me another of those cheese and tomato sandwiches.”

Be seeing you

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