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Thursday, 26 September 2019

I’m Not One of Them!

    “I’m not one of them.”
    “Of course you’re not. Whoever suggested you were?”
    “It’s what they think.”
    “Oh them!”
    “Who do you mean by them?”
    “Where are they?”
    “Somewhere there. You ask Number 2, he knows.”
    “Knows what?”
    “That I’m not one of them!”
    “The committee!”
    “You were brought before the committee?”
    “I was accused of being disharmonious, and posted as being unmutual!”
    “Your are unmutual?”
    “You see, you’re as bad.”
    “I wasn’t accusing, I was asking.”
    “What about that Number 67.”
    “What about 67?”
    “I said good morning, and commented that there’s the possibility of intermittent showers, and what didn’t that 67 do?”
    “I don’t know, what did he do?”
    “It’s not what he did do, it’s what he didn’t do?”
    “Sorry, my mistake. What didn’t he do?”
    “He didn’t acknowledge my greeting, but I bet they didn’t send him to
Coventry. I bet they didn’t accuse him of being disharmonious, and then post him as being unmutual!”

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