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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Must Get On With My Work

    “Don’t disturb me please, I must get these notes completed.”
    “And so you will Professor, after a rest and some mild therapy.”
    What photograph the stuff on the blackboard, clean it all off, so that I can get to work on another lot! That’s just how I feel sometimes when I’ve been writing blog. Write a couple of pieces up, copy and paste it copy it, then clean it up so I can get to work on another lot! Mind you are the moments I feel more at home writing my fourth Prisoner based manuscript, and third novel. I would tell you all about it, but I’m not so sure my publisher would like me to do that, not even my wife would want me to do that.
    When the muse is upon me I can be confined in the village for hours at a time. Not physically you understand, but through my mind’s eye, the architecture and the colour of the buildings, the action taking place, and the faces of the citizens. The helicopter arriving and leaving, some fool attempting to escape, he’ll never make it. The ice cream flavour of the day isn’t strawberry just for the sheer hell of it, to be different. And there’s realism about the village, the population reflects the size of the place.
  And I’ve decided to have a bit of a clear out of the Prisoner archive, there are files and files of not so important material linked to ‘the Prisoner,’ it’s more Prisoneresque which isn’t so important. Its unwanted, never been looked at in years. Trivial stuff. And letters, blimey the letters, there are so many of them going all the way back to my early days in the Prisoner fan club. These will need to be shredded. Now if I had a large room filled with grey filing cabinets as seen during the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner,’ I would have more than enough room for my Prisoner archive. But when push comes to
shove, and it’s a question of space, something has to give I’m afraid.
    I used to collect everything in newspapers and magazines even remotely Prisoneresque. Now I look back and wonder why? Probably because that’s the thing fans of ‘the Prisoner’ did, and perhaps still do today I don’t know. But I stopped, I don’t recall why, it seemed natural to call it a day. Mind you the other day when the wife and I were going shopping I suddenly had the desire to wear one of my piped blazers and deck shoes with my jeans. I haven’t worn those in a while. I even wore a black and white Penny Farthing badge. And no, before you ask, my appearance didn’t make anyone look at me from the corner of their  eye. In fact Loughborough has a very strong fan base for the Prisoner, I have met a few in my time here. Well I guess I’m as close to McGoohan/No.6 here than anywhere. Because he lived here, I walk the same streets as he did, I see roughly the same things, and when I hear the Town Hall clock strike I’m hearing the same bell as No.6 hears in the village, and that takes me closer to the Prisoner for the simple reason you can’t hear that bell in Portmeirion!

Be seeing you.

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