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Tuesday 24 September 2019

Life In The Village!

    “That was a turn up for the book.”
    “I wasn’t in favour of it as you know.”
    “Number Two took too much on herself if you ask me!”
    “I’m not asking, I’m in agreement with you.”
    “It was dangerous enough sentencing Number Six to death, but if that mob had laid hands on him they’d have torn him limb from limb!”
    “It would have been a pity had we had to bury him. He’s really shaken things up here in the village since his arrival.”
    “A goat came amongst so many sheep you might say.”
    “Oh well, at least Number Two called the mob off in time.”
    “And we were on hand to give Number Thirty-four a respectful burial at sea.”
    “The least we could have done.”
    “It was Number Thirty-four I suppose?”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Well I didn’t recognise him!”
    “Had you seen Number Thirty-four before then?”
    “I did catch a glimpse of him, sat by the
Free Sea in the Piazza, he had a young woman with him.”
    “She wasn’t at the funeral.”
    “That’s because we and the two crewmen of M S Polotska were the only ones in attendance.”
    “I didn’t like the way the body floated like that.”
    “I would have thought they would have weighted down the body more in order to make it sink.”
    “Yes, but I expect they knew what they were doing.”

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