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Monday, 30 September 2019

The Tally Ho Appreciation Day!

    You will have read what follows in a previous piece of blog, however bear with me, as this is by way of an update.
   During the daily prognosis report gathered on No.6 in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ he leaves the café and goes to the kiosk where he buys a copy of The Tally Ho. Sadly it’s impossible to read the headline of the broadsheet. However the headline is made up of three words which excludes it from being one of the earlier editions seen in previous episodes. So it is one produced for ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ But whether or not the headline has anything to do with Appreciation Day is impossible to say not being able to read it. Also we don’t know how far back the daily prognosis goes, as there is no indication of when No.6 bought that copy of The Tally Ho, it might have been a day ago, it might have been weeks. If we consider the café for a moment, where No.6 has been drinking tea or coffee, before he goes to the kiosk, that café is first seen in ‘The General.’ So the headline might have absolutely nothing to do with Appreciation Day, and could be anything at all. It’s also intriguing that an edition of the Tally Ho was produced especially for ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ and yet the television viewer doesn’t get to see the headline! What was there to hide?
   Below is my idea of how the headline of The Tally Ho seen in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ might run judging by the number, and length of the words
   I could be completely wrong of course, but that would be my personal guess. One further observation, the issue of The Tally Ho seen in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ is the odd one out! I say that because all the previous issues of the village broadsheet seen in ‘A B and C,’ ‘Free For All,’ ‘The Schizoid Man’ ‘Many Happy Returns,’ ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ and that of the two editions in ‘A Change of Mind’ all have received close-ups of at least the headline. Yet that is not the case in ‘Its Your Funeral.’

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