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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Someone Call Security!

   No.2 is about to uncover one of those dissidents No.12 mentioned when he was interrogating No.6 in the board room!
   “Who were they Number Six, who let you in, what are their names {surely he means “what are their numbers”} there’s an organization isn’t there, dissidents. Who’s the head man?”
    “Santa Clause!”
    “Who’s the head of the organization, you’d be wise to tell us.”
    But No.6 won’t tell him anything, he’s a trained conspirator, a very hard man!
    No.6 had to work fast in order to stop No.12 from being revealed as one of those dissidents, and through some very quick thinking suggested to No.2 that there is a question that can’t be answered.
    “What’s that?”
    “There is a question the General cannot answer.”
    “Allow me to ask it?”
    No.2 seems to be afraid, but tells No.6 to go ahead.
    No.6 moves to the type writer, removes the typed written notes the Professor had been making, inserts a new sheet of paper and types WHY? Removing the sheet of paper without allowing No.2 to see what it was he typed, he feeds it into the machine for processing. The returned strip of metal he hands to No.2, who passes to the Professor and the Professor feeds it into the General. The General blows a fuse because it cannot answer the question, there being insufficient basic facts. The Professor turns and twiddles knobs in an attempt to save the computer by turning it off, but is electrocuted in the process. No.12 rushes forward to try and save the professor, while No.6 battles with the two security guards. But No.12 by grabbing hold of the Professor to try and drag him away from the General is, in turn, electrocuted to death. No.2 does dash forward but by then it’s all too late. The General has gone up in smoke, and the Professor and No.12 lie dead on the floor. But what does No.2 care? All he wants to know is what was the question? According to No.6 it’s insoluble for man or machine WHY? As for security, they are no match in a duel using truncheons with No.6!

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