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Monday, 2 September 2019

Life In The Village!

   “There was something not quite right about that funeral yesterday.”
    “How do you mean?”
    “The head was wearing a mask!”
    “Not an iron mask?”
    “No of course not, it was a leather mask.”
    “How queer!”
    “You’ve heard the rumour of course.”
    “What rumour?”
    “Well they do say Rover attacked Number 6 in the night, and it was Number 6 we buried yesterday.”
    “That can’t be right, I only saw him this morning large as life.     Perhaps you buried his brother.”
    “He hasn’t got a brother.”
    “A look-a-like then.”
    “Or perhaps it’s Number 6’s look-a-like who now lives in 6 Private!”
    “Oh, perhaps that’s why Number 2 stopped that Curtis chap from leaving the village!”
    “Looks like Number Two has pulled a bit of a flanker in order to save his skin!”
    “And its not Number 6 now alive and well!”
    “No, he’s lying in the cemetery wearing an iron mask!”
    “Leather mask.”
    “Same difference.”
    “I think we’ve got time at the café for a cup of tea.”
    “And a teacake.”
    “Alright, and a teacake.”
    “Whose turn is it to pay?”

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