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Sunday, 8 September 2019

A Favourite Scene In Village Day

     The moment No.6 finds himself! He thinks he has found his long lost brother and Janet’s fiancé. But in fact he finds himself, and comes round in the hospital just in time. The patient is going to be alright of course, he’ll be taken to somewhere quiet where he can recuperate from the car accident. And he’s in safe hands, as his fiancée, being an agent working for the village sees to it personally that he arrives in the Italianate village in good order!
   Mind you the scene in which when No.6 eventually finds himself, he does so with a penny and a penny-farthing coins on his eyes. This was a particularly difficult scene to shoot, because the coins on my closed eyes kept falling off sideways. When I sat up they were supposed to fall forward from my eyes in a certain way. It took several takes to get it right.

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