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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Playing Cat And Mouse

    No.2 likes to play games, he was playing a game with No.48 then he went and gone, 48 not No.2. He was with us this No.48, for a while he was No.8 who had devised a very special technique by way of extracting information from prisoners. In short is was called virtual reality, in which a prisoner was placed in a dangerous environment, give the prisoner love, then take it away, make him kill. It might have always worked before, but the one time it failed it cost two lives, and No.2 his position!
    But then this former No.8 turned up again, as a cockney fashion photographer at a funfair, taking photographs of a model in a white skirt and chiffon blouse. Mister X thought she was the Girl Who Was Death, No8 said in a friendly cockney accent “Ere what’s your game Sherlock Holmes? I’ll spread your nose all over your face, I’ll hump you up and down this fairground, you’ll never pick up your teeth with a broken arm, I’ll tear off your leg and I’ll beat you over the head with it!” The last time we see this former No.8 is when he is by a roundabout taking more photographs of the girl in white, when Mister X is just about to lay his hands on the Girl Who Was Death, but upon seeing the cockney photographer, and probably recalling his earlier threat, backed away. Had Mister X pressed his move he would have laid his hands on the girl. But instead it was the fashion photographer who received the kiss of death!
   Now we have come full circle with the former No.8 now No.48 and about to be put on trial, but allowed to wear his own clothes. Mind you prisoners are allowed to do that are they not. Go to court wearing their own clothes rather than their prison clothes. Well all except the “late” No.2, but mind you he hadn’t had time to change into mufti!

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