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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Life In The Village!

    “What do you think about this latest experiment?”
    “You mean Speed Learn.”
    “It’s a great experiment, you can learn a lot.”
    “Who told you that, Number Two? Well history isn’t really my subject.”
    “Isn’t it? When was the treaty of Adrianople?”
    “September eighteen twenty-nine.”
    “What happened in eighteen-thirty?”
    “Greek independence was assured and guaranteed.”
    “By whom?”
    “Russia, France, Britain.”
    “Who was Bismarck’s ally against the Danish Prince of Glucksburg?”
    “Frederick of Austenburg he like the German Bundestag had never accepted the treaty of London in eighteen fifty-two. Bismarck wanted war but he wanted it waged by Prussia, Austria in alliance and not by the whole German bunt. He realized that a successful war against the Danes in eighteen sixty-four would serve the same purpose as Cavour of Italy’s entrance into the Crimean war” {and spoken in unison} “namely that it would indicate future leadership and would at the same time raise Prussia’s prestige.”
    “You see, isn’t Speed Learn the most marvellous thing?”

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