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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Thought For The Day

     The village, as Number 6 explained, is a place where people turn up. People who know too much, or too little, people who can’t be left around, the information inside their heads being of great value to one side or the other.
   Now you see I can understand how some people cannot be left to roam free at large, and why those who know too much turn up in the village. But not why those who know too little, perhaps they know just enough to have themselves sent to the village. After all No.2 did say they like to know everything!
    Both the Green Dome and ‘6 Private’ have the privilege of an electronic automatic door, but more than that, not only Number 6’s cottage, but also his London house. For when the Butler is about to enter No.1 Buckingham Place in ‘Fall Out’ the front door opens with a very familiar electronic hum. Abducted to the village? The Prisoner has been in the village all the time, in London!”

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