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Friday, 6 September 2019

Bureau of Visual Records

    This is No. 12 of Administration who was also a co-conspirator with Number 6. In other words he’s one of those dissidents he talked about during his interrogation of No. 6. Or to put it another way, he turned out to be one of those enemies Number 2 mentioned in that article in The Tally Ho, that edition in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ Had he lived, well he wouldn’t have survived because No. 2 was about to expose No.12 had it not been for the quick wittedness of No.6, 12 would no doubt have been taken away by the two security guards, and interrogated sufficiently until he eventually gave away the names of other dissidents. I’m sure he was working with the Professor, and it was to him the Professor had intended to give his tape recorder. The tape recorder with his message about destroying the General, describing Speed Learn as slavery, being an abomination. So its no wonder No.12’s final act was to try and save the Professor’s life, but dying in the attempt. Well that’s the brave face to put on it, the other face would be that No.12 committed an act of suicide by which he protects the names of his fellow dissidents in the village!

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