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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

A Favourite Scene In Village Day

    The scene with No.2 and the Supervisor standing together in the bushes as No.6 goes looking for trouble
   Supervisor “Number 6 appears to be looking for trouble, he’s heading towards the unveiling area.”
    No.2 “Well he’ll find what he’s looking for then won’t he. My men are more than capable of taking care of Number 6.”
    “You sure he won’t get to the statue and unveil it prematurely?”
    “Watch, just watch. Then get back to you Control Room, my replacement arrives soon.”
    “You’ve got the sack then!”
    “Certainly not! I’m going on to greater things, they’re every pleased with me.”
    “Yes, that’s what your predecessor said!”
   The scene was played out perfectly by the two actors Max Hora as No.2 and Nigel Kitcher as the Supervisor, they were naturals in their roles in responding to each other. Their facial expressions, the way they delivered the dialogue. The scene would not have been improved had I directed the two actors in the scene. Had we gone for a second take it would have ruined the scene, as it was I was absolutely delighted with it, which was done in one take, it was so perfect.

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