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Thursday 10 October 2019

Citizen No.53

       Oh yes, you’re the chap who made a move all on your own on the chessboard. Well it wasn’t a legal move, because black had already castled on the King’s side! Then those nice men in white coats came and took you away for treatment, and what did that barbaric doctor do? She had you dehydrated and treated you like a dog!
    I suppose you can’t be blamed for the way you feel, an electrical engineer who developed an electronic air defence system. Your only fault was you thought all nations should have it because you believed it would have meant world peace. But then what happened, some petty bureaucrat let his bag, containing the plans, get swiped! Well one of the Top Hats from Administration did the swiping and brought the plans back here to the village. Of course the village administration isn’t open to let things get wasted, waste not what not to coin a phrase. So against your will they made you work for them, that’s why you were brought to the village, not because your high-minded treasonous thoughts on a much smaller scale of course, but to work on reducing the size of your electronic air defence system you fabricated the Beam as a defence system for the village. The first time we see it deployed it was used to bring down a pigeon! Never mind, the work kept your mind occupied, and you out of trouble. But then you allowed yourself to get mixed up with that No.6, and his cunning plan to escape the village, by telling the difference of prisoners from the warders judging by their attitudes. Didn’t you know that any plan involving No.6 never succeeded?!

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