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Monday 28 October 2019

No.6 A Plant!

    The first time I saw ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ I thought No.2 had got it right, that No.6 was a plant. Mind you I also thought that No.6 and Nadia had also managed to escape during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ But of course both of these scenarios work just the first time of watching. After that we know just what Nadia is, and why she was brought to the village. That No.6 was always closer to the village than he could have imagined. It was on the whole very cleverly done, and if it wasn’t for Post 5’s wristwatch being set at the wrong time, No.6 may well have been fooled into giving away the reason behind his resignation. ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ on the other hand, could it be, that No.2 had actually got it right? That No.6 was sent to the village as a plant? After all, in the guise of Robert Fuller, Drake had previously, and successfully, infiltrated a village somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, a training school for spies in the ‘Danger Man’ episode ‘Colony Three.’ And as No.6 signed himself D6 at the bottom of that note to XO4, it has been thought, by a number of fans of the series, that the 'D' in D6 stands for 'Drake’ hence Drake 6, as in John Drake. If it were so, then it might be one of those “in-jokes” that exist within ‘the Prisoner.’

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