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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Life In The Village!

    “Have you heard the latest?”
    “Depends on what the latest is!”
    “To make the Piazza a shared space.”
    “What’s that when it’s at home?”
    “To make the piazza available to pedestrians..........”
    “Yes, citizens do love to promenade around the pool and fountain. It’s a place to meet people, but more importantly a place to be seen.”
    “Yes, but the idea now is to open it up to cyclists.”
    “Well that’s not so bad, there aren’t that many cyclists about.”
    “And then taxis!”
    “Taxis, but that’s ridiculous, they’d be a danger to pedestrians, and cyclists as well it would be chaos!”
    “My point entirely.”
    “This isn’t another of those experiments is it, I mean like Speed Learn?”
    “And we know how that ended.”
    “This village is just a large experimental laboratory. They get these crazy ideas and think they know where they can get this tested, on the inmates of the village!”
   “The cordless telephones are a good idea.”
   “Yes, but have you tried carrying one about with you all day. They need to be more mobile orientated, small enough to put in your pocket.”
    “So where do you stand on this shared space of the Piazza?”
    “I don’t know, it seems all too continental for my liking.”
    “Cafe at lunchtime?”
    “Do we sit inside or out?”
    {Suddenly the sound of a taxi’s horn Dad da de da da de da}
    “Oi, get out of the road mate, want to get yourselves run over?”
    “Did you see that, damned pedestrians shouldn’t be walking in the road like that. Did you read in The Tally ho that they’re planning to make the Piazza a shared space? It’s bad enough trying to miss people walking in the road, but in the Piazza it’s going to be carnage. Here we are love, that’ll be two credit units if you please. Here, don’t I get a tip?”
    “Yes, keep your mouth shut, and your eyes on the road!”

Be seeing you

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