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Friday 4 October 2019

Village Day: Following In the Footsteps of The Prisoner!

    Admittedly the corridor wasn’t as dark as when the Prisoner walked briskly down it during the opening sequence in the series, but it was the same passageway of the underground car park. And I have to say it gave me quite a thrill to be walking in the Prisoner’s footsteps as we filmed the scene for ‘Village Day.’ I suppose some would have it following in Patrick McGoohan’s footsteps, but I prefer the Prisoner, but then seeing as they were one and the same it doesn’t really matter.
   After the Caterham 7 was parked up, I stormed off through the pair of double doors exiting the underground car park, as I assure you I was not entering a building via the way out
, so symbolism is right out!
    About to hand in his letter of resignation, no fear, besides the office is long deserted and abandoned. Only a faded map of the world left on the wall.

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