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Thursday 10 October 2019

Quote For The Day

    “That one wouldn’t drop his guard with his own grandmother!”
                                       {No.2 The Girl Who Was Death}
I really don’t know why they bothered to bring this No.2 to the village at all, after all it would have been just as easy to have brought back No.2 in order to carry out Degree Absolute, the ultimate test. It strikes me that the episode with the Girl Who Was Death was simply filling in time, waiting I suppose. And yet it was handy to have that No.2 still in the village in order to oversee the procedure during ‘Fall Out.’ That way, as the High Court Judge No.2 who was forced to listen to No.6’s fairytale, to have a second chance of manipulating the former No.6 with the offer of ultimate power, the choice to lead them or go. And then facing him with himself to demonstrate to No.6 that he himself has been responsible for his current situation all the time. Then he’ll break. But we know what happened don’t we. Such are the plans of mice and men that something is always bound to go wrong, especially if it involves No.6!

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