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Wednesday 30 October 2019

Perhaps He Simply Likes The View!

   No.6 is a man of curious habits he takes an early morning stroll through the village, this generally takes place between half past 6 and 7 in the morning. Daily he climbs the Bell Tower, did he used to do this before ‘Dance of The Dead’ I wonder? Before he listened to that message over the radio, about not being able to keep the appointment, perhaps No.6 thought that someone, anyone, might be coming to the village by sea. After that No.6 was observed to be constantly watching, for what, a light, a boat, a plane? Someone from his world. Perhaps he thought the message was for the dead man he found in the water, that he might have been a plant, and that somone was coming to extract him, and pssibly take over the village by force. And thereby they woud become his recusers! That’s the result of an overactive imagination.

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