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Friday 18 October 2019

Someone Call Security!

    “You know we should have a radio in this thing!”
    “Yes, then we could listen to some music as we speed through the village!
    “What? I’m talking about a two-way radio, what are you talking about?”
    “Picking up radio Jolly Roger, I hear they’ve got a new disc jockey, Johnny Drake. How does it go now? JD the DJ of the JR.”
    “What are you jabbering on about?”
    “Where are we going anyway?”
    “Someone called security, and we have to get there pronto!”
    “Well I think we should have a better siren, a more manly siren instead of this whining thing. And a blue light.”
    “Blue light?”
    “Yeah, then we could put the blue light on the roof.”
    “What roof?”
    “Ah, hadn’t thought of that. Anyway where are we going?”
    “Hark at him! Does he think I’d go careering around the village without knowing where we’re going…….we’ll stop at the telephone kiosk and call control!”

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