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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Murdered One Run Short of His Century!

   Murdered at the wicket, now that certainly wasn’t cricket. As for Colonel Hawke-Englishe he was playing a different game. On the face of it he wasn’t aware of the village, and even if he was he wasn’t involved with it at the present time. But he is the second Colonel to come out from behind his desk and go out into the field. Perhaps that’s why he had a bag-man in Potter to watch his back. But if only Potter had been doing that, keeping his eye on the ball, instead of on a particularly pair of shapely legs, then the Colonel might still have been alive. So Potter was put out into the cold, the English form of Siberia. But what then, a transfer to the village, or was Potter sent there simply to keep him out of the way? And what had Potter against his old colleague to suggest to No.2 that there are methods they haven’t used against No.6 yet! And even in the village they kept moving Potter about, he was the manager of the Labour exchange, but he seemed more bothered about tinkering with that wooden construction set, than actually doing his job! And when he was moved to assist No.2, he didn’t last too long in that position, I might hazard a guess that it was his suggestion about the methods they had not used against No.6, No.2 not wanting a man of fragments, that got him moved on to assist the Supervisor in the Control Room. Poor old Potter, and rest in peace Colonel Hawke-Englishe.

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