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Sunday 20 October 2019

Living In Harmony

    The Judge runs the town, and as long as you toe the line, then the Judge will look after you. He runs Harmony with a rod of iron, and there's his "boys" who enforce the Judge’s rules. In fact when it comes to the Judges ruling in Court, he puts me in mind of that other self appointed Judge, Judge Roy Bean who had a thing for that actress Lillie Langtry. Because there is a picture of Miss Lillie Langtry on the wall of the Silver Dollar saloon.
   No-one knows who the man with no name is, a drifter on the plain, a high plain’s drifter you could say! He was brought off the plain and into town on the back of a horse by the "Judges Boys." It took some persuasion on the Judge's part, to make the stranger see that the wisest thing to do was to stay in town. But he couldn't leave town even if he wanted to. The Judge’s Boys would see to that! And the Sheriff also took some persuading to "Get some guns on!" But even without guns, this man with no name can sure handle himself, as Zeke also doesn't carry a gun, but then he doesn't need to. During that fight when Zeke and the 'boys' are teaching the Sheriff that it's not safe to go about without wearing a gun, I think of the Prisoner fighting with Zeke. Reacting to blows to the face, fighting, and rolling about on the ground against an imaginary foe!

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