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Wednesday 16 October 2019

Pinta Man Is Strong

    No.6 gets his pint of village milk delivered, we know that because there’s an empty milk bottle on the doorstep on the morning of ‘Many Happy Returns, so that equates to there being a milkman in the village who does a milk round delivering milk and probably other dairy products door to door. So I wonder what the village milk float looks like? I bet it’s not like the one in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ “Pinta Man Is Strong,” I suppose the village milk float could be a white Mini-Moke towing a canopy covered trailer. On the other hand it might well be on one of those garden tractors towing a small trailer, as with the Electric’s truck in both ‘Arrival’ and ‘The General,’ all that would be needed is to change the sign ‘Electrics’ to a village slogan or simply the single word ‘Milk.’

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