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Monday 14 October 2019

Life In The Village!

    “That was a quiet funeral yesterday.”
    “Yes, no brass band, the usual mourners absent.”
    “Just you, me, and the four pall bearers.”
    “Not forgetting the two gravediggers.”
    “Just who was it we buried?”
    “How do you mean?”
    “Well I was on special assignment in Kandersfeld.”
    “Where’s that?”
Austria, anyway I was following this Colonel chap who led me to that Professor Seltzman chap, who I had to bring to the village.”
    “And did you?”
    “Yes, along with the Colonel, and a guy called Potter.”
    “Who’s he?”
    “He was following this Colonel chap as well as me.”
    “You were both following this Colonel through
    “I eventually caught up with them, they were having a fight in the basement of the barbers.”
    “The barbers shop!”
    “The barber turned out to be Professor Seltzman.”
    “And it’s him we buried, a white haired man.”
    “Yes, that’s the appearance he gave. Have you heard the rumour going about?”
    “What rumour?”
    “Concerning Seltzman’s last words.”
    “What were they?”
    “You must contact Number One, and tell him I did my duty.”
    “How would this Professor Seltzman know about Number One?”
    “That’s right……..although we buried Professor Seltzman he must have been the Colonel, which means it must have been Seltzman who left in the helicopter in the guise of the Colonel!”
    “Well I heard there had been some sort of a cock-up, but at least you’ll know what he looks like when you’re sent on assignment to bring him back again!”

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