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Sunday 6 October 2019

Met In A Dream!

    No.6’s book on social etiquette didn’t cover how to talk to someone that one’s met in a dream! No.14 feigned not knowing the identity of the man sitting opposite her at the table, No.6. What, No.6 recognizing his number for a second time No.2 must have been pleased! And yet No.6 didn’t meet No.14 in a dream, the dream hadn’t started at that point. I have to say they do rather make things easy for No.6 at times, he just happens to open his eyes and sees No.14 in the laboratory. Wasn’t he supposed to have been heavily sedated? Had No.6 put No.14 in his dream, she should have been an old lady in a wheelchair! So he instantly knew that this No.14 was new and one of them!
And when he woke up the next morning he just happened to go to the door of his cottage, what to fetch the milk in? And there was the flower seller, and who do you think was buying a bunch of flowers? None other than No.14. If that flower seller had set up her barrow outside the hospital where she should have been, or in any other part of the village, No.6 would never have seen No.14 and thus be unable to make the connection!
    If you want “Met in a dream,” what about that Mrs. Butterworth who hands No.6 one of her diamond earrings, is that Mrs. Butterworth or not? It’s an age old question. One generally puts people one has met, or know. But ‘A B and C’ takes place before that of ‘Many Happy Returns’ in the screening order, meaning No.6 and Mrs. Butterworth have not yet met. So personally I don’t think that woman at the dreamy party is Mrs. Butterworth.

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