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Tuesday 5 November 2019

A Favourite Scene In Hammer Into Anvil

   Having followed No.6 to the Stone Boat they discover that he has left a large white envelope under the padded seat of a bench. They then return to No.2’s office where No.14 is just as keen to see what the envelope contains, however…….
    “I shan’t need you any more, you can go.”
    “But I thought….”
    “Don’t, just obey orders.”
    “Yes sir.”
    No.14’s loyalty to No.2 is unquestionable. He only wants to serve his superior. And yet he’s advised not to think just to obey orders, and is thought to be no better than a dogsbody, only good enough to be used in simple tasks, not to be involved when it matters. But it’s just as well that he didn’t force the issue when No.2 dismissed him, that way No.2 only made a fool of himself. And yet had No.2 placed more trust in his assistant, and been more open to his counsel, No.14 might have been able to save No.2 from his downfall!

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