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Monday 25 November 2019


    “It’s funny about unmutuals.”
    “In what way?”
    “They look just like you and me.”
    “Yes, but it’s nothing to do with appearances, its people’s attitudes you judge by, people’s behaviour to one another.”
    “You judge people by their attitudes.”
    “Yes, you soon learn who’s for or against you.”
    “So if for example I ignore a person’s greeting that makes me unmutual.”
    “Yes I suppose so.”
    “If I don’t fit in, do what is expected of me.”
    “And what happens then?”
    “You’re brought before the committee; they post you as being disharmonious.”
    “Disharmonious, that’s terrible.”
    “And if you still fail to toe the line.”
    “Yes, you’re posted as being unmutual. Then it gets rough”
    “What happens?”
    “Well they take away all your privileges.”
    “I haven’t got any privileges!”
    “Well they’ll probably give you some privileges and then take them away!”
    “Then what?”
    “The whole of the community turns against you.”
    “What even the other unmutuals?”
    “I……I don’t know!”
    “So not the entire community then.”
    “The individual cannot last long without the support of the community.”
    “And what makes the community? Individuals that’s who.”
    “You’re an individual?”
    “Isn’t everyone?”
    “Every man!”
    “And woman.”
    “I don’t remember the boss mentioning every woman!”
    “Do you think in years to come ‘The Prisoner’ will be looked on as anti femininist?”
    “Could be, if the series lasts in the mind that long.”
    “You don’t think people will be discussing it like you and me?”
    “Oi come on you two, it’s time for the second woodland scene.”
    “Righto, we’re coming.”

Be seeing you

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