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Tuesday 5 November 2019

The Flavour Of The Day!

    The flavour of the day, according to the announcer is strawberry, why strawberry, surely it’s not strawberry every single day of the week! Mind you this is the village, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if strawberry is the flavour of the day every single day of the year! And yet does anyone actually buy ice cream wafers or cornets? And if they do, where is the ice cream on sale? I’ve never seen an ice cream parlour or kiosk selling ice cream in the village, ah perhaps it’s sold at  the café. And yet I have not seen anyone in the village actually eating ice cream. In fact the only person seen eating an ice cream cone in ‘the Prisoner’ is our friend No.6 as he’s wheeled into No.2’s office in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and the flavour then was vanilla! Perhaps citizens do not like ice cream, or perhaps they simply became sick and tired of eating strawberry flavoured ice cream! Perhaps strawberry ice cream being the flavour of the day might have been a form of aversion therapy. Give them too much of a good thing and they go off it, if that was the case, it certainly works!

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