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Saturday 9 November 2019

Village Life!

    “What about those shenanigans yesterday!”
    “You mean at the Appreciation Day ceremony.”
    “I was officiating on the balcony at the time.”
    “I know, I saw you there.”
    “And I saw you.”
    “That was a close call!”
    “You can say that again.”
    “An attempt on Number Two’s life!”
    “A terrorist threat!”
    “The Watchmaker was mad of course!”
    “I was told he had been radicalized!”
    “By whom?”
    “Number 100.”
    “Isn’t that the chap who was suffocated to death by the Guardian?”
    “Yes, he was seen brawling with Number 6.”
    “And the Guardian stepped in.”
    “Why would anyone want to kill a likeable chap like Number Two?”
    “I can’t think….but there are several good reasons why anyone would want to blow up the new Number Two!”
    “Yes, but if that bomb had been detonated……”
    “We would have been blown up with it. And there’d have been no-one left to officiate at our funerals!”
    “I heard it was Number 6 who saved the day.”
    “Really, whatever did he do that for I wonder?”
    “There’ll be an enquiry of course.”
    “Why of course? Because officially the attempt on Number 2’s life never happened.”
    “Did my eyes deceive
    “How do you mean?”
    “I saw the helicopter taking the retired Number 2 on his way home. But then it turned back towards the village.”
    “You haven’t heard then?”
    “Number 2 came back, he said he would feel safer living out his retirement in the quiet atmosphere of the Old People’s Home.”
    “Thanks to Number 6 we can all look forward to that!”

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