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Wednesday 13 November 2019


    No.6’s costume came, he doesn’t get a choice because other people choose, it’s a game people play. It wasn’t anything exotic because it happened to be No.6’s own suit which was specially delivered for the occasion of Carnival. I like to think that it was No. 2 who chose No.6’s own suit for him to wear. No.6 interpreted that as meaning that he is still himself. Well he would have been wouldn’t he, had ‘Dance of The Dead’ retained its original position of 2nd in the screening order! So with the arrival of his own suit, why didn’t No.6 wear it instead of hanging it up in the wardrobe? After all other citizens were out and about wearing their costumes for Carnival. Perhaps No.6 felt more at home in his Village attire. And No.6 was not alone in not having an exotic or garish costume for carnival, the Butler obviously preferred his own clothes to that of dressing up!

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