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Thursday 21 November 2019

It Means What It Is!

    “Are you sure about that?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Can we actually be sure it means what it is?”
    “I do not understand.”
    “Saying it means what it is, well that’s just one person’s opinion. Just to say it means what it is, is all very well, but what exactly is it?”
    “An allegory.”
    “A story.”
    “ A fable.”
    “But what else?”
    “Isn’t that enough?”
    “For entertainment value yes, but there has to be more than entertainment.”
    “Some people see its deep meaningful value, for its profoundness.”
    “You go too far!”
    “Why so?”
    “Next you will be saying it’s the basis of our very existence.”
    “I wouldn’t go that far.”
    “I’m glad to hear it.”
    “Let’s face it it’s just a television series through which a man projects his worries for the future. He wanted us to think for ourselves, and not vegetate in front of the television watching soap operas.”
    “Isn’t it a soap opera?”
    “It could be described as science fiction.”
    “Certainly, because of the Rover element.”
    “Action and adventure?”
    “It’s a horror story.”
    “It can certainly be a nightmare at times.”
    “Whodunit it!”
    “Mmmmm not sure about that.”
    “Well there was a mystery of whodunit, being those who had the prisoner incarcerated in the village in the first place.”
    “There was no mystery about that, Number 6 was responsible for his own troubles.”
    “You mean he was responsible for the whole village?”
    “I do not see how one man can be responsible for so much.”
    “Number 6 turned out to be Number 1 in the end.”
    “Yes in the end, in one man’s mind. Because he couldn’t think of anyone else who could be Number 1, so he made himself Number 1!”
    “That’s the egomania coming out. The man thought himself so important that he simply had to be Number 1.”
    “Well he was the boss after all.”
    “He had one other ambition apart from wanting to be Number 1.”
    “Oh what was that?”
    “He wanted to be the first man on the Moon.”
    “It makes you wonder.”
    “Wonder whether he made it or not!”

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