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Tuesday 5 November 2019

The Only Thing I Really Don’t Understand

    The new arrival wakes up in what he thinks is his London home, only to find he’s in another place somewhere else! He takes his first steps out into the village, he’s displaying the usual shock symptoms, he’s disorientated and confused. Looking up at the Bell tower seeing a man leaning out at the top, the Prisoner rushes round to the other side and climbs up the Bell Tower. There’s no sign of the man, instead there’s a stone statue of a woman!
    In the Control Room a bald-headed man wearing spectacles, dressed in a dark green polo necked sweater and single breasted plain blazer stands watching the action playing out on a large wall screen
    “The only thing I really don’t understand……” said the Supervisor-No.28
    There was a satisfying smile on No.2’s face as he too stood watching the same action on the screen “What’s that?”
    “Are we messing about with the live feed now?”
    “What do you mean?”
    The Supervisor looked No.2 squarely in the eyes and said “I mean are we watching corrective surveillance footage, because where did the man go? The Prisoner saw the man leaning out at the top of the Bell Tower, I saw the man, and so did you. There was no time for him to get down the Bell Tower and away without the Prisoner encountering the man.”
    “As I walked up the stair I met a man who wasn’t there, he wasn’t there again today oh how I wish he would go away” was all No.2 said.
    “Perhaps he wasn’t there at all!”
    “I suppose you are getting some sadistic pleasure from this. Oh I see that’s the point of the stone statue, it was the statue the Prisoner was supposed to have seen. Pity it wasn’t leaning out of the window. The men who took all afternoon yesterday manhandling that statue to the top of the Bell Tower didn’t even put the statue facing the right way!”
    “Have the men bring the statue down from the Bell Tower when they get a minute.”
    “The things we do here never fail to amaze me.”
    “Oh there’ll be a great many things we do here that will astound you, now that he’s here” No.2 said still with a smile on his face.
    “You’re enjoying this.”
   “Can you blame me? Today’s the last day of my term in office, I think I’ll invite our friend over for a working breakfast. Then treat him to an aerial tour of the village, and a demonstration of what happens if he steps out of line.”
    “Do you think he’ll pass the aptitude test?”
    “Oh he’ll be shaped to fit given time. Just make sure the maid is in his cottage when he returns there after leaving the Labour Exchange.”
    On the wall screen the Prisoner is in the General Store trying to buy a map of the area but neither map is to his liking, well there’s no call for maps covering a larger area!
    “The maid, she’s already there!”
    “In 6 Private.”
    “Get her out of there straight away, I don’t want him seeing the maid yet, It’s much too soon!”
    On the wall screen the Prisoner had just left the General Store. From the road he noticed a maid on the small balcony shaking a yellow duster. He rushed round to the door of his cottage. In the Control Room the Supervisor picked up the yellow ‘L’ shaped intercom. Inside the cottage the telephone began to bleep, the maid picked up the receiver, then put it down and dashed out of the cottage door as quick as she could, and away down the steps.
    “That was close” said the Supervisor.
    “Too close, that very nearly messed up the whole thing!” said No.2.
    “Why, I don’t understand” said the Supervisor.
    “That’s why I’m where I am and you’re in this Control Room. Just in case I cannot get our friend here to talk, then the maid No.66 is my plan b, perhaps she will be able to get him to part with the information we require.”
    “By employing her feminine wiles of course!”
    The Prisoner was still wondering how the maid had managed to avoid him when he noticed the Peg Wooden doll holding a little white card “Welcome to your home from home,” and then the telephone began to bleep. It was the operator asking him if he’s No.6, as she has a call for him.
    “Good morning to you, I hope you slept well, come a join me for breakfast, Number 2 the Green Dome.”
    In the Control Room the Supervisor made preparations for the forthcoming demonstration of the Guardian, for which a young man had been selected as the unwitting victim. And the maid No.66 was briefed in readiness for her possible assignment to No.6. Well it pays to be ready, just in case.

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