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Sunday 3 November 2019

Someone Called Security!

    No.6 “You’re making a big mistake!”
    1st security guard “Haven’t you heard, we never make mistakes!”
    2nd security guard “Yeah, but sometimes we have to!”
    3rd security guard “Sometimes we have to what?”
    “Well we all make mistakes.”
    4th security guard “But Number 2 said we never make mistakes.”
    “Yeah well we all make mistakes, but sometimes we have to.”
    “Have to what?”
    “Make mistakes.”
    “That’s stupid, why would anyone sometimes have to make a mistake?”
    “Where did you hear that?”
    “Hear what?”
    “About having to make mistakes sometimes?”
    “I dunno, I just heard it somewhere that’s all.”
    No.6 “Look will you put me down, you’re all making a mistake!”
    “Look mate, if you keep on struggling like this, someone is going to get hurt, and guess who that will be?”
    “Where are you taking me?”
    “To the Cat and Mouse nightclub, seeing as it’s your stag night.”
    “Stag night, but I’m not getting married.”
    “You’re not?”
    “You know what lads, looks like we do have the wrong man!”
    “I’ll tell you something even weirder, there’s no Cat and Mouse!”
    “You know what that means don’t you lads?”
    “No, what?”
    “We’re in the wrong episode!

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