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Sunday 3 November 2019

In The Village!

    Cobb was supposed to have jumped out of the window, No.73 did jump out of the window but not until No.6 came bursting into the room. I wonder what made No.6 go to the window, perhaps he was just making sure, as he might have had doubts about Cobb having jumped through an open hospital window until he saw Cobb’s funeral cortège! No.6 did attend Cobb’s funeral, but did he attend 73’s funeral, it seems unlikely. However he did visit her grave, yet that might be coincidental as he searches for an old grave, and not necessarily in order to pay his respects. As for Number 73, why did she jump out of bed and leap to her death through the open window at the sight of No.6? As for No.113, did the old woman take her number with her to the grave, and therefore the number of anyone who has died is no longer used. Remember No.2 told the Supervisor-No.26, after the mistake he had inadvertently made, that number 113 doesn’t exist, the old woman having died a month ago. That in turn begs the question, what happened to the Tally Ho reporter No.113? He couldn’t have died, otherwise the number 113 would have gone to his grave with him. It’s unlikely the reporter was allowed to leave the village, so I can only assume he was given a new number, which does happen to citizens from time to time.

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