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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Who Was That On The Telephono?

    In the Control Room the Supervisor is about to read a birthday greeting to No.6 from No.113, it reads “Warmest greetings on your birthday, may the sun shine on you today and every day.” In his office No.2 is talking to someone on the yellow telephone when his attention is taken away when he hears the Supervisor’s voice over village radio beginning to read that birthday greeting to No.6. He tells the person on the telephone that he’ll call him or her later, and hangs up. So who was No.2 talking to? It’s unlikely to be No.1 because the last time, it was via that red oversized curved telephone when No.1 asked if he wanted any assistance! And I think we can discount No.14. Look at the painful expression on No.2’s face, he might have been talking to someone he felt he could confide in regarding the situation he’s found himself in, the struggle with No.6! So who was it No.2 had been talking to? Because no-one in the village telephones anyone simply to have a nice chat!

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