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Tuesday 3 December 2019

A New Arrival!

  “All the Colonel knows, is that he was sent to the village by the highest authority {whoever that should be, probably those “masters” we hear so much about} he should be proud, he’s gratified. So why the Colonel, is British military intelligence running out of field agents? The Colonel does look a little on edge, because he’s been brought to the Village, and that in itself might well be enough to make him feel edgy, and doesn’t know why. Perhaps had they told him of the mission back in London, the Colonel would have refused to go! As it is he’s up to his neck in it, what’s more he’s about to have a change of mind! And that’s why ZM73 cannot go running back to the Colonel this time, because he himself is the Colonel, in his outward appearance anyway. So Sir Charles Portland had to be contrived, but I think contriving Janet was one contrivance too far, as I see her as being superfluous to the plot. And if ZM73 thought that receipt for the roll of film would be safe with Janet, he had another think coming. Because her father soon got it from her! It might have been safer in that safe set in the wall behind the television. The poor old Colonel, he had no idea what he was about to be put through, there was no chance of a change of mind, he was forced to go through with it. But I wonder if he went like a gentleman, stiff upper lip and all that. Or did he go screaming until he was sedated? As for No.6 he didn’t know anything about it until he looked into the mirror. Did ZM73 know that face staring back at him in the mirror? I have a feeling he did, because at the end he mentioned the Colonel, and no-one mentioned the Colonel within Number 6’s hearing. But at least then they knew who Professor Seltzman looked like, and was the only man to escape the village!””
   “That’s all very interesting, shall we go and have a cup of tea?”
    “And a bun.”
    “Two buns.”
    “Two buns?”
    “One each!”

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