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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Harmony Posters

   Sadly I have been unable to track down the framed portrait of Buffalo Bill as seen hanging on the wall in the Silver Dollar Saloon. However the above portrait is in the same style, circa 1887.

    Born William Frederick Cody “Buffalo Bill” February 26, 1846January 10, 1917, was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He was born in Le Claire, Iowa Territory, now the U.S. state of Iowa, but he lived for several years in his father's hometown in Toronto Township, Ontario, Canada, before the family returned to the Midwest and settled in the Kansas Territory.
    Buffalo Bill started working at the age of eleven, after his father's death, and became a rider for the Pony Express at age 15. During the American Civil War, he served the Union from 1863 to the end of the war in 1865. Later he served as a civilian scout for the US Army during the Indian Wars, receiving the Medal of Honour in 1872.
   One of the most colourful figures of the American Old West, Buffalo Bill's legend began to spread when he was only twenty-three. Shortly thereafter he started performing in shows that displayed cowboy themes and episodes from the frontier and Indian Wars. He founded Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1883, taking his large company on tours in the United States and, beginning in 1887, in Great Britain and continental Europe
    Cody received the nickname "Buffalo Bill" after the American Civil War, when he had a contract to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo (American bison) meat.

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