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Friday 13 December 2019

Thought For The day

    I sometimes I wonder if the right No.2 was selected for the right situation. They certainly seem to have made a mistake with No. 2 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ he was a weak link in the chain of command waiting to be broken. I doubt very much that he would have been any better given any situation. Number 2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ he was more than capable even to the point of laying his life down for the cause! No.2 of ‘Checkmate’ was a fair administrator, and happy to let others get their hands dirty. Then there’s No. 2 of ‘A B and C,’ and ‘The General’ he was guilty of one thing, underestimating No.6, but on both occasions! ‘It’s Your Funeral’ turned out to be a failure but only because they involved No.6. Other failures for No.2 in ‘Free For All’ despite No.2 being good at manipulating the community. The Schizoid Man’ ‘A Change of Mind, ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ ‘Living In Harmony,’ ‘Once upon a Time.’ Perhaps if the mix of No.2’s seen in the series were shaken up and a different No.2 selected for a different situation within the 17 episodes, he or she might have faired better. Mind you given the fact that restrictions were placed on No.2 in ‘A B and C’ I cannot see any other No.2 succeeding in that scenario! And of course there is no accounting for the variable known as No.6.
   And yet not all Number 2’s were brought to the village to deal with Number 6, yet they mostly fell foul of him one way or another! Only the lucky few survived with their reputations intact!

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